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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Just figured I should share our new family member, Mr. George Strait. Yes my son Ty named him George Strait, even tho I tried to change it. Ty Loves George and george loves Ty. They are like two brothers and it is just so sweet to watch. Ty crawls around like a dog and plays with George every second he has home. George has taken to Ty like crazy as well. Ty actually picked him up and said awwww my first born puppy. lol!!! That was after 2 days with him.

I realized after having the dog for a little over a week that Ty has needed this, and that I should have done this for him right after we all lost Jackson. Ty has been hurting from the loss of Jackson alot more lately and this is why i got the dog. I didnt think it was going to be this great for him though. It has given Ty so much joy. Even if he hadnt of lost brothers this last year just being the only child he needed something like this.

We had to get a dog that didnt shed and was known to be smart and easy to train. Robs allergic so thats why we wanted one that didnt shed, and i dnt want hair all over the house! I also hate to train dogs so wanted a smart one...lol......He has been a very smart dog and is already trained after a week. So here are the pictures!

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  1. How cuuuutteeeee!!!!!!! I'm so glad that you got him. What precious memories you will share now. Love it!!!! Can't wait to see more pictures!!!

    Thanks for sending me the bracelets, and I'm super glad you like your ring!!!

    Talk soon,