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Monday, February 21, 2011

Its about time

Im ready to Go on VACATION! I dnt know if anybody even reads my blogs anymore, but I still like to write. Its like a book of my life?> I have alot to talk about on things that im doing and this blog will help me keep up...and when i look back at my life i can have dates and all.

We are going to the Dominican Republic punta cana tropical private resort in 2 weeks! We havent been on a vacation since we've been togwther, so its a much needed one. Time to get a tan, relax and get our drink on. Ty will be staying with his aunt and uncle and is on spring break during that week as well.

Hope you all are having just a wonderful winter.

Heres a picture out of the back door of our room we will be in.

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  1. Few things to say LOL
    That is sooo pretty!!
    Cute puppy!
    Like your haircut!
    And as always....think of you often and saying a prayer for u today....