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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

VACATION and pictures!

What an amazing place the Dominican Republic is! Oh how beautiful it was, and how nice the weather was day and night. We stayed in Punta Cana, and our resort was amazing! We had 13 restaurants to pick from and 7 bars. We also got to enjoy 5 huge pools, and i mean enormous. Most places you look to vacation at have beautiful pictures, just as this place did. We thought the pictures would be nicer then it really was, but NO it was really nicer then pictures. The food was great, the rooms were immaculate, the pools and beach were the cleanest ones i had ever seen, we had our own vacation guid "boy" to take us to dinner and lunch every day. They also had 2 huge buffets for all meals. We became so spoiled! We already want to go back, and are planning our next trip...lol. All this being said, I think you all get the point, and that we LOVED our vacation. One more thing, this part of the ocean had the water to where you could see all the way to the bottom, so amazing.

There were so many things to do there. Most of the time we just relaxed at the swim up bars, but we did a full day of laying out at the beach and burned. We went on the beach everyday, but only layed out there one day, because the sun there is so strong. We went parasailing together and that was beautiful. We painted alot of things at a booth they had on the resort. We also bought 36 dollar sunblock, ewwww, i know but had to. I had to start telling these nice people to please start putting some coke in my rum.....We did all inclusive and figured they would hold back on that but no, they were way too strong. One more thing, if any of you friends haven't ever had a dirty monkey, next time your on vacation ask for one! The best drinks in the world! They probably have the most calories as well..lol....Now i will post some pictures.

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