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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Well its been a long time! Yet again.....I still keep up with you all, and try to come to my blog every 6 weeks to read all updates. Tonight I'm needing some prayers for my son Ty. I didn't really want to post it on FB, but I did want there to be more prayers then just Rob and I this go around. Ty has been going through different little problems here and there. We thought we had some answers a few weeks ago, but not sure now. He's sick again with 104 fever and I just hope he cought something and it has nothing to do with all this other stuff! I worry so much for him. I do feel in my heart that something is wrong and it isn't just another virus. I'm going with my heart this time and not taking him home with out any answers! So please if any of you still read my blog updates, say a little prayer for my Ty Allan tonight.

I will update more when i have some answers. Much love to you all.


  1. Praying for you all!

  2. Much love and prayers to you all...

  3. Praying for little Ty and for you to get some answers soon!

  4. Praying for y'all Candice - I hope he feels better soon and you get the answers you need!