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Monday, November 7, 2011

Kamryn Hope Studdard!


Tonight I'm logging in to inform everybody that Kamryn Hope Studdard has re herniated. Kamryn and Brooke were the twins born to Shawn and Stephanie in June 2009. I hate that this has happened, and I just feel so bad for this little girl. I will say that she is doing wonderful and besides a little cough it doesn't seem to bother her. They say she has an upper respiratory infection and that is where the cough is coming from. She has to have the infection gone before they can move on to do surgery. As of right now Stephanie hasn't heard how long the recovery will be. I know that the surgery isn't going to feel good to a little girl that is feeling just fine, and then comes out after being operated on, so please lift her up in your prayers. She has shown us that she is a fighter and I'm sure shes going to come out smiling. The thing i keep thinking about is that she knows what is going on this time, and she feels all the pricks and pokes, and after surgery I'm sure they'll have her on some meds, but I just hate to think of any 2 year old going through surgery like this. The Doctors seem to think once they pull everything down out of her chest, this shouldn't happen again. So I'm praying for an easy recovery and as little pain as possible for this innocent little baby. Surgery is set for Wednesday of this week. Lets all remember to pray extra hard for her on this day. We love you Kamryn Hope!

Hollie and Brooke are both doing great, and I'm sure Hollie is worried about her sister so lets not forget to pray for her too. As well as Stephanie and Shawn. We are looking forward to great updates from them :)

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