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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I have Christmas cards made every year, except last year. It was just to hard to have a family picture made with out Jackson. This year we took some pictures and I am having the card made now. We did something really neat with them :) I was just thinking that I have grown close to so many of you parents with cdh babies, that I would love to send you a card. If you would like a Christmas card from the Beal's please just comment under here with your email address so i can email you and get your address to send it to. I know i got a few last year from some of yall, and we just love them! I'm trying to get a new email for stuff like this so thats why i'm just wanting all of yours so i can write you. I can't wait for yall to see them, I think they turned out great.

P.s I love this time of year!!!! and here is one picture that wont be on the card...


  1. patricia.j.dangelo@gmail.com

    Please email me your address too!!! I want to add you to our Christmas card list too! :-)

    :-) Patty

    P.S. LOVE the pictures!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures !!! I have you and your family in my prayers daily.
    Christmas card exchange is always fun !!!

    ~Christy Michel